The Big List of Icelandic Developers
A growing list of developers in Iceland.

IMDb á íslensku displayed Icelandic versions of many titles for a while. Many of them were quite silly, ridiculous or just weird. This is a collection of some of the titles that caught my attention.

Hvað eru vinir þínir að fíla á
Shows you what your Facebook friends are like-ing on (Icelandic LOL/meme site).

Nice photos
A "photo-blog" where I post nice photos I come across.

When Tumblr Is Down . com
The microblog-service Tumblr is sometimes down. This site copies the look of the error page on Tumblr and displays a random message related to Tumblr and its culture about why Tumblr is down, what you should do or what you are missing.
This website has gotten a lot of press - especially around the "December 2010 Tumblr blackout": Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, Techland @, The Atlantic, The Next Web, msnbc and hundreds of other people linking to it. Even a few "Tumblr celebs": Yimmy Yayo, Hype Machine crew, topherchris, Coke Talk

Bacon Friday
A new bacon-related link every Friday (posted on Twitter).
With Brian Suda as co-editor.
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