Hi! My name is Hannes.

I like creating stuff: photos, music, websites, videos, food...

I live on the Internet. I hang out on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Vine, The Hype Machine, Google+ and other cool places.

I'm a digital marketing expert and currently available for additional projects (web development consulting, SEO analysis, social media, PPC advertising, content marketing, copywriting, etc). Hit me up on Twitter if you need help :)

This is the avatar that I frequently use: Hannes - avatar

I also have this blog where I sometimes post random photos.

This is my latest project that I'm focusing a lot of my time on: Loro.

This project is Coming Soon™ (on hiatus at the moment): Don Comodo T-shirts.

You can contact me through this form.

Alrighty then, take care and have a good day :)